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Welcome to China Live, the most successful independent Chinese restaurant in the United States! Created by world-renowned Chef George Chen, China Live has won numerous awards, including “Restaurant of the Year” – Eater and “World’s Greatest Places” by Time Magazine. China Live is not just a restaurant – it’s a captivating destination for gourmet enthusiasts, trendsetters, and world travelers that explore by palate. 

Experience Chinese cuisine like never before as you indulge in Chef Chen’s culinary creations. Based on China’s rich traditions and culinary history, immerse all the senses as you explore   masterful offerings prepared in our dedicated, open kitchens. 

Be Kind. Stay Well.

China Live Restaurant

Dive into a world of bold, clean flavors in our Main Dining Hall – the heart of China Live. Explore a diverse array of dishes expertly crafted to perfection by our talented chefs. The seasonal menu using sustainable, farm-to-table practices is personally curated by Chef Chen.  Eight specialized stations merge traditional Chinese and modern culinary preparations, playing host to a culinary passage with a front row seat to a real dining adventure.



Cold Drinks Bar

Inspired by a legendary bar in Shanghai’s historic French Concession, the award-winning  design hosts the discriminating connoisseur in search of finest whiskeys and curated cocktails.  Accolades include “Cocktail of the Year” for our ‘Sometimes Old Fashioned’ and “#14 Coolest Bar in the World” by MSN. 


Eight Tables By George Chen

The exclusive “Eight Tables” is a dining experience unlike any other. Inspired by the historic dining style, “Si Fang Cai”, or ‘Private Chateau Cuisine, experience its revitalization right here in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Elevated and intimate, and reminiscent of being a guest in a luxury home staffed by Michelin-trained chefs.  The hyper-seasonal, “omakase-style” menu uses the finest ingredients locally-sourced and hand-selected imported specialties.  A private alley entrance opens into a truly unique space that has been selected as one of the Most Beautiful Restaurant in The America’s.  


Shop China Live

Bring some China Live magic home from your culinary journey from our retail store.  Filled with Asian spices, sauces and condiments, snacks and other unique kitchen-ware items curated by Chef Chen and his wife-partner Cindy Wong-Chen.  Explore award-winning products made on site in our kitchens including China Live Chili Bean Sauce, Chef Chen’s Famous Chili Crisp and Peking duck Fat Popcorn.  Impress your friends, family and guests with house-made China Live products right in your own home!



Whether dining in or ordering takeout or delivery, your China Live experience awaits you. See more >

Our Fans

Welcome back to another thrilling and unforgettable culinary adventure with us at China Live! Immerse yourself in the heart of Asian culture and flavors, right here in historic Chinatown, San Francisco.  Allow us to make your every visit an unforgettable experience and join our thousands of loyal fans who come back in to make new memories time and time again.

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