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Claude L. Avatar
J'adore ce lieu, j'y retourne fréquemment, le choix des plats est génial, la cuisine excellente, le service impeccable et l'effet boutique avec divers articles est une bonne idée. Lieu calme downtown je recommande Vegetarian options: Y'a du choix en légumes
Claude L. 5/16/2023
夏阳 Avatar
Food is pretty good. Very nice environment, staff are friendly too. Only thing is they don’t seem to respect reservations a lot.
夏阳 5/15/2023
Nancy H. Avatar
Great services and awesome vibe. It’s our first visit and we truly enjoyed it. Not sure we will be back as there are so many delicious restaurants here but for drinks n some simple bites we recommend this place to you.
Nancy H. 5/15/2023
Deborah T. Avatar
This place is a hole vibe
Deborah T. 5/07/2023
franco Avatar
Exquisito lugar para disfrutar de una rica comida china .
franco 5/03/2023
Ben R. Avatar
The Dim Sam was AMAZING!
Ben R. 5/02/2023
Tanya S. Avatar
The second you walk in, you just see a spacious and really impressive layout not typical for a Chinese restaurant. Service was top notch. Food was delicious. We ordered dumplings, Peking duck (get 3 pocket for 2 people. We ordered 5 pocket and couldn't finish it). We also got kung pao and calamari. Best calamari I've ever had. Finished it off with black tea tiramisu. Absolutely perfect. Ask for the beer with notes of ginger.
Tanya S. 5/02/2023
Margie W. Avatar
It's my favorite Chinese fusion restaurant. Everything is delicious. All the dishes look beautiful, like rainbow to my eyes Love the decorations, it's old & new mix together. Look modern but also nalstalgic. Service is awesome, all the staff is attentive & friendly. Remember to go upstairs to check out the super fancy "Cold Drink Bar", it's glamorous and drinks are top-notch.
Margie W. 4/28/2023
Alexis V. Avatar
Phenomenal. Phenomenal food, service, and ambience. Better to visit at the end of your trip, save the best for last 🙂
Alexis V. 4/27/2023
Luca B. Avatar
Bellissima esperienza nel cuore di San Francisco: locale vibrante, divertente con concetto innovativo (mercato e ristorazione fusi in un unico luogo) con cucine a vista. Mangiato alla grande
Luca B. 4/22/2023
Patrick H. Avatar
Great food! Best restaurant in Chinatown.
Patrick H. 4/22/2023
Don G. Avatar
Don G. 4/22/2023
Martin R. Avatar
An amazing experience from beginning to end! Food, service, atmosphere, all superb! We’ll bring the entire family next time!
Martin R. 4/22/2023
Robert L. Avatar
Top spot for amazing and authentic Chinese eats, provided that you order the right dishes: GET THESE Char Siu Yangzhou Fried Rice String Beans Fried Scallion Buns NOT THESE Shanghai noodles Kung Pao Chicken
Robert L. 4/22/2023
Aaron B. Avatar
Delicious Chinese food. Big mix of offerings. Our table was communal and next to the peking duck station. Star of the show was the off bone Pekin duck buns and the lettuce cups.
Aaron B. 4/11/2023
Nicolas M. Avatar
Très très bon. Le service très bien. Les plats cuisinés devant nous dans des cuisines ouvertes sont délicieux et l’ambiance est branché sympa. Ça vaut le coup de manger au bar mais pas dehors ou on perd l’ambiance. Ça reste cher et ça va vite en termes de prix.
Nicolas M. 4/09/2023
加藤路陽 Avatar
加藤路陽 4/06/2023
stinaso Avatar
Absolutely loved this place, delicious dinner. Have some of the steamed buns, heavenly!
stinaso 4/06/2023
Peter F. Avatar
China Live has definitely established itself as a well-known Asian restaurant in San Francisco. The food here definitely leans on the fusion side but you can still taste the more traditional roots in some of the dishes. I came here as part of a large group dinner for work and was really impressed by how well the restaurant was able to accommodate our size and needs. The staff was attentive and made the experience great!... read more
Peter F. 3/26/2023
Jani N. Avatar
Modern chinese cuisine, but a lot of traditional flavours. Helpful staff. Good tea selection too, they even serve Jin Xuan milk oolong.
Jani N. 3/22/2023
Pete W. Avatar
This place is the BEST!!! Fantastic Food!! Great Vibe! Ask for Ze as your waiter he's top notch!
Pete W. 3/22/2023
APCA N. Avatar
We had an wonderful experience at China Live this evening. Zeon, our server, was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to be served by him. Each of his recommended dishes were excellent. We especially enjoyed the smoked sea bass, seared filet mignon with snow peas and the sesame soft serve with mango shaved ice. We will be bringing our children soon and can’t wait to capture our granddaughter’s... read more
APCA N. 3/15/2023
Lexi C. Avatar
Very good food! The hostess, Linda, is so welcoming & awesome!!!
Lexi C. 3/08/2023
Joe M. Avatar
Great location. Amazing food and friendly staff
Joe M. 3/08/2023
Liz H. Avatar
Nice banquet room on the third floor, has elevator and wheelchair accessible bathroom, food is very nice!
Liz H. 3/08/2023
Silvia S. Avatar
Omg this was amazing. Had dumplings and fried rice. Everything was delicious. Must try all the sauces. Drinks were amazing as well!
Silvia S. 3/08/2023
Brian B. Avatar
so sad they wouldn't let us in. late side but so busy no tables? could stay open a little longer?
Brian B. 3/08/2023
S N. Avatar
China Live is a large restaurant offering a variety of well-made Chinese food
S N. 3/08/2023
S G. Avatar
The service, food, and atmosphere was all fantastic! I went with a group of 4 and we got 3 appetizers, 3 entree meals, a side of broccoli and mushrooms, noodles, and rice (way too much food) and it was all delicious.
S G. 2/28/2023
Qin Z. Avatar
Delicious food and good and efficient service. We tried xlb, sheng jian bao, tamarind pork chop, Shanghai noodles, Peking duck. Duck and pork chop were really, really good. Great ambience
Qin Z. 2/28/2023
Sujal M. Avatar
We loved the ambience and the food. We had their famous SJB and firecracker Chicken
Sujal M. 2/28/2023
Gary W. Avatar
Solid dim sum style Chinese food!
Gary W. 2/28/2023
Sam B. Avatar
Neat concept, very good food didn’t love the dim sum but more of a personal preference. Definitely forgot our Brussels but once we asked they got us some, nothing special. Will definitely be back the Garlic noodles were to die for!
Sam B. 2/28/2023
Dacomi Avatar
Nice place to try dumplings and appetizer. And their drink price is reasonable👌🏽I liked pand fried dumplings (Sheng Jian Bao), xiao long bao, and impossible sichan dumplings. Brased beef noodle soup is under my expectation😅
Dacomi 2/28/2023
Nicolò A. Avatar
Fantastica esperienza con cibo cinese super in una zona molto bella di San Francisco. Staff molto cortese e professionale.
Nicolò A. 2/28/2023
Audra S. Avatar
I cannot say enough good things about this place. We will definitely be back
Audra S. 2/28/2023
devon w. Avatar
Best money I didnt have that I ever spent. Amazing dim sum and service.
devon w. 2/28/2023
Adam L. Avatar
Outstanding food, great service partially offset by super-loud environment and bogus fee. Thumbs up: - Every single dish was delicious! Intense flavors, perfect textures - Server was helpful and friendly Thumbs down: - Large capacity / large crowds + poor acoustics / lack of noise-dampening makes it difficult to converse with friends. - Additional and misleading charge for "SF Mandate." Admittedly many other SF restaurants unfortunately do this, too, but this separate charge... read more
Adam L. 2/28/2023
Matt S. Avatar
It's an institution!
Matt S. 2/28/2023
Mari N. Avatar
Great food Great Cocktails and Wonderful Service
Mari N. 2/28/2023
Keli K. Avatar
This place is beautiful and we had great service. They got us a seat without reservations. Food was beautiful and delicious. We definitely want to come back.
Keli K. 2/28/2023
Alex C. Avatar
Simply phenomenal.
Alex C. 2/28/2023
Alex G. Avatar
Really good food and service! Impressed!
Alex G. 2/28/2023
Josh R. Avatar
UNBELIEVABLE! Worth all the hype. Went a bit crazy for a early Valentines date night and certainly ordered more than any 2 people could eat in one sitting. Started with the pork bao buns (SJB) which were some of the best food you’ll ever have. Extremely crispy bottoms and so soft on the top. Amazing. We had the scallion bread too which was underwhelming. Sweet milk bread type taste that looked like a cinnamon roll.... read more
Josh R. 2/28/2023
Eric C. Avatar
Great place for dim sum and traditional Chinese plates. Go family style and enjoy
Eric C. 2/28/2023
Mandy C. Avatar
Loved everything about this place! We only tried three dishes on the menu, I’d love to come back and try more. We reserved an inside table and were sat at a large wood communal high top table facing the duck preparation station, which was so entertaining to watch. Great atmosphere for a date night. Sharing the table with others wasn’t too close or tight.
Mandy C. 2/28/2023
Bryan B. Avatar
Great ambiance! Great ambiance! Great staff!
Bryan B. 1/29/2023
Mralladatshyt Avatar
Always a great experience. They've added new menu items and that makes me happy.
Mralladatshyt 1/29/2023
Koki M. Avatar
Not extremely local but really good and would say worth the price. Great atmosphere.
Koki M. 1/29/2023
Jacky l. Avatar
简简单单开开心心 (Translated by Google) simply be happy
Jacky l. 1/29/2023
Noel B. Avatar
Amazing, crisp peaking duck served from a separate bbq section. Delicious Singapore chili sauce served with the chicken wings. The chicken wontons were super juicy and had tons of flavor- decadent, moist, and huge.
Noel B. 1/29/2023
Stuart H. Avatar
Outstanding food and service! Peter recommended some amazing dishes! Seriously tasty and incredible experience
Stuart H. 1/29/2023
Judith H. Avatar
This place is amazing! The food was a delight to all senses. Always impressed by how much comforting food. Highly recommended!
Judith H. 1/29/2023
Steffani S. Avatar
This place is amazing! From their amazing food and service, it’s a must while in SF! Try the Peking duck buns!!! Dietary restrictions: If you’re looking for the healthier side, have the 10 ingredient salad and lettuce chicken cups.
Steffani S. 1/29/2023
Cody S. Avatar
Love this place. Remarkable service, great food, and lovely interior. Plus you can watch things being made in kitchens throughout. One of my favorites in the city.
Cody S. 12/29/2022
Ken B. Avatar
4th Date? Beautifully curated setting that is fun to explore. At least enjoy the dumplings and have a refreshing drink while enjoying the vibe. Also a place for those special smiles at the start of your beautiful journey. All the best for your merging souls. Lovebirds.
Ken B. 12/29/2022
George A. Avatar
When we come to San Francisco, a mecca of good restaurants, we still make sure to hit China Live 2-3 times. Phenomenal. Must try the crab spring roll, but everything is amazing. Vegetarian options: Tufo substitution is avaliable for most everything
George A. 12/29/2022
Jim J. Avatar
Great food and service
Jim J. 12/29/2022
Helene W. Avatar
Something different than time before. Soup had no soup. All noodles which we didn't want. cold weather.
Helene W. 12/29/2022
Manny H. Avatar
We had a large group and they were able to accommodate on short notice. The food was excellent, the service was sublime, and the ambiance was refined, yet modern. The wait staff was kind and knowledge, with excellent recommendations. Dishes were served family style which allowed us all to enjoy journey of flavors this institution has to offer. For our party of seven the price was approximately $70 per person including tip. I would dine... read more
Manny H. 12/29/2022