When George Chen’s Eight Tables, the upscale restaurant above his bustling China Live food emporium, debuts next month, the tasting menu will cost $255 a head, in addition to a $125 pairing option.

From the very beginning, Chen vowed that Eight Tables would be the French Laundry of Chinese food. And if the menu snapshots from Food &Wine’s new Chen profile are any indication, there’s plenty of haute cuisine in a dinner and drinks meal that could start at $380 per person. The chef de cuisine is Chi-Feng Lin; according to China Live, prior to Eight Tables, Lin was the chef at “several high-profile Taiwanese restaurants.”

As for how exactly folks will get to the space, it’ll require a trek into an alley around the corner from China Live and an elevator ride into the Eight Tables’ foyer. From there, you’re signing into a guest book, walking past some portraits of Chen’s father and grandfather and most likely grabbing a drink from a bar. All in all, the AvroKO setup is supposed to be reminiscent of a living room.

If all goes as planned, Eight Tables will debut on Oct. 3. Reservations are now available. – San Francisco Chronicle (09.08.17)