These are 27 best bars in San Francisco.

San Francisco may have more access to nature than any other major city, but we don’t spend all of our time hiking, surfing, climbing rocks, and talking about sustainable farmland. This is a drinking town – with secret cocktail bars up abandoned staircases, dives where you might see your great aunt sitting at the bar, and breweries that keep their prices low so you can get a few pitchers without going completely broke. And while new places open up all the time, there are some spots that we hope never close and that we return to again and again. The ones that help make San Francisco what it is. That’s what’s on this guide. In other words: The Bar Greatest Hits.

Cold Drinks Bar

Even though Cold Drinks Bar is on top of always-crowded China Live in Russian Hill, this place still feels like a secret. It’s a small spot located up a semi-hidden concrete staircase that looks like a members-only club. The menu is a regularly changing mix of mostly Scotch cocktails, and they’re always good, but the main reason to come here is to pretend that you’re a member of a fictional secret society for the night. – The Infatuation (09.03.19)