15 Eye-Catching Private Dining Rooms in San Francisco
For cocktail receptions or seated formal dinners, there’s a room for you

For the most part, San Franciscans are back to celebrating birthdays, weddings, and holidays together. But as the city continues to rebound from its most difficult pandemic days, diners may find the landscape looks decidedly different from years past — with longtime favorites shuttered and new places that may or may not be on the radar already. The good news: there are plenty of great options for hosting a graduation get-together or holiday party, with stylish and casual private rooms scattered across the city. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or a sizable soiree, this list sums up the most interesting and inviting of San Francisco’s private dining rooms.

CHINA LIVE: Considering how massive China Live is — encompassing two restaurants, a bar, and a market all in one building — it’s perhaps no surprise that there are handful of options for hosting private events. The Gold Mountain Lounge is a smaller private dining space, while Space*88 on the 3rd floor can host truly giant events with up to 200 guests. For pricing and more details, check the China Live website. – Eater San Francisco (10.03.22)