From the Michelin-starred to classic tastes of the city, our top San Francisco restaurants will melt in your mouth

It’s no exaggeration to say that San Francisco is one of the best cities for food in the world. But with so many interesting dining destinations packed into just 7×7 square miles, it can be as overwhelming to decide where to eat as it can be to choose from our list of the best things to do in the city. But we’re here to help, with 50 picks for the greatest places to eat in this city right now: the freshest, most memorable, most inventive. The ones changing the gastronomic landscape and the ones that have been holding it up for decades.

Our experts scour the city for great dishes, great value and insider info (like a certain restaurant’s off-the-menu homemade Spam). So, the EAT List is a unique, authentic snapshot of SF’s ever-evolving dining experience right now: we update it regularly, whenever somewhere we think is truly spectacular opens. It could be a mega-hyped destination restaurant or a pop-up-turned-permanent joint in a shipping container: if it’s on the list we think it’s terrific, and reckon you will too.

China Live & Eight Tables by George Chen

China Live is a multi-floored ode to modern Chinese food in a 30,000-foot space with two restaurants, a retail market, three bars and tea café. Upstairs, Eight Tables by George Chen, the emporium’s fine dining restaurant, is a refined, intimate experience inspired by the historic Chinese concept of si fang cai or “private chateau cuisine.” Its execution so impressed Time Magazine when it opened in 2018 that Eight Tables was named one of the world’s 100 greatest destinations to experience right now. At the more laid-back first floor Market Restaurant, made-to-order Peking duck, soup dumplings and rice bowls are made at eight specialized culinary stations and served to diners seated in the cavernous yet stylish dining room. – TimeOut San Francisco (10.25.19)