Fall in the Bay Area doesn’t have to mean pumpkin beers and apple tarts with colorful foliage. Instead, you’ll find creative fruit-filled croissants, bone marrow flan with uni, and emerging contenders for the Bay’s premier ramen and fried chicken sandwich. Still need your pumpkin fix? You’ll find that with an orecchiette Bolognese, plus an epic nine-part amuse-bouche and more in our autumnal look at the Bay Area’s 15 must-try new dishes.

Nine flavors at Eight Tables by George Chen
Chef-owner George Chen doesn’t start the lavish dining experience at Chinatown’s marquee tasting menu destination with just an amuse-bouche. Each diner gets nine of them — as in, the nine essential flavors of Chinese cooking. On one oversized plate, diners sample everything from Sweet (jujube-stuffed glutinous rice) and Salty (a roulade of drunken chicken with salted duck yolk) to Numbing (beef tendon with Sichuan green peppercorn marinade). – Zagat (10.23.17)