Best for Food Obsessed in the Second Annual – TripSavvy Editors’ Choice Awards

Eight Tables by George Chen is a winner in the 2019 TripSavvy Editors’ Choice Awards in the Best for Food Obsessed category.
The 2019 winners, sourced through a unique mix of machine-learning and TripSavvy editor testing, represent the best in travel, tourism, and hospitality, and celebrate each winner’s outstanding contribution to travelers and the travel industry worldwide.

TripSavvy Editors' Choice Awards takes a two-step approach in selecting winners. First, its
award-winning data team uses machine-learning technology to pinpoint outstanding businesses
from data sources from reviews across the Internet and audience metrics from TripSavvy. The
team compares those insights against TripSavvy's expert content to identify businesses and
destinations that outrank competitors in quality, considering elements such as customer service,
value, and category fit. Finally, TripSavvy’s seasoned editors and writers scour the results,
highlighting the most special, noteworthy, and trustworthy businesses. From a pool of over
60,000, only one percent of businesses, including Eight Tables by George Chen, passed TripSavvy’s editors’
rigorous testing and standards.

Eight Tables by George Chen
4.2/5 Stars

Award-winning chef George Chen makes high-end Chinese cuisine that is almost too pretty to eat in a space that is even prettier. The interior design blurs the line between fancy home and stunning restaurant in an effort to further the food style inspiration, si fang cai aka private chateau cuisine. Waiters in three-piece suits, coordinated delivery, family photos, delicate dishware, and Miles Davis on the hi-fi are also utilized in service of the theme. – TripSavvy (10.15.19)