Always on the hunt for the hottest new tables in San Francisco’s rapidly changing dining scene? Stay up to date with our monthly shortlist. From a pair of impressive Mid-Market additions to a new NoPa spot for late-night stonepot — plus a Marina wine bar encouraging you to double down on wine pairings (both “complement” and “contrast” pours) — here are the 11 hottest restaurants to try right now.

Eight Tables by George Chen
This upscale Chinese destination on China Live’s second floor offers elaborate tasting menus and clever cocktails by a Saison alumn.

Must-Order: A 10 course, $225 Tasting Menu with $125 optional wine pairings or $300 chef’s table experience in the kitchen with optional $200 beverage pairing.

Insider Tip: For the main course, splurge on the $35 Mayake A5 Wagyu rib-eye supplement that replaces the usual Shanghai red pork dish. – Zagat (10.13.17)