It’s that time of year again; parents, aunts and distant cousins flock to town to celebrate Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then winter break and New Year’s Eve. They look up to you, the mighty local. Having lived in the city long enough, you’re now their unofficial tour guide, a beacon of hope and familiarity in a city where, should they turn the wrong corner, picturesque can quickly be replaced by a dose of real-life harshness.

The relatives will want you to take them out to eat. “Somewhere interesting” they’ll say, but mean it with caution; what they really want is a delicious evening to remember San Francisco by. Where to take them? Surely, not to your favorite hole-in-the-wall spot or the super-dark, super-loud bar which also serves a killer hamburger. What you need is a pleasant, user-friendly dining experience, fit for a variety of target audiences. We got 5 of those.

Counter-hopping at China Live

There’s no arguing about Chinatown’s attraction in the eye of the tourist. After sampling a few local bakeries and eateries, show your guests another side of the area by taking them to China Live, where they can happily try different dumplings, slurp a variety of soups, sample oolong teas and shop for souvenirs to take home. For a truly elevated experience (and if a special occasion presents itself), go for Eight Tables, the upstairs dining experience like no other. – SFStation (11.13.17)