Sichuan “Working Hands” Dumplings at China Live China Live is weird and beautiful. After walking block after Chinatown block, passing dozens of stores where you can get a stack of tea towels for $3 and restaurants where $5 will buy you a pile of dumplings, there’s a feeling of cognitive dissonance when you open the door to CL and find yourself in a beautifully designed oasis, where a single tea towel from the marketplace costs $14 and a small bowl containing four or five “working hands” dumplings sets you back $9. Figuring out what to order from the giant menu is a serious task, but a meal should certainly include those dumplings. The gossamer wontons are filled with a small amount of meat; the generous silken wrappers look like silk sheets in a bowl. But it’s the flavor of the broth, thrumming with numbing Szechuan peppercorns and hot chiles, that will linger long after your final sip. – Edible San Francisco (05.05.17)