March is one of those annoying months that can’t make up its mind. Will it rain, will it snow, will you get blasted by an out-of-nowhere heat wave while sweating through three layers of fleece? Who knows? What we do know is that there’s only one spirit to lean on in such unpredictable times: whiskey. Bourbon, rye, scotch—the full whisk(e)y color wheel comes spinning to life this month as bartenders showcase their favorite spirit in cocktails around the country. These are the 9 whiskey drinks to try now.

Can’t make it to any of the bars serving these great whiskey drinks? Try mixing a Three Dots & a Dash from this list at home.

Hidden upstairs at China Live, Cold Drinks is one of the country’s great scotch bars, pouring rare whisky and cocktails mostly featuring scotch with wide-ranging ingredients from coconut to curry. Bartender Yong Zhu (who worked in both Shanghai and Tokyo) crafts whisky beauties, including the savory, spiced, silky and smoky Old Fashioned Breakfast. It’s made with curry spices and green-onion-washed Speyburn scotch are balanced by Avión tequila, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, gum syrup and Angostura bitters. – (03.26.19)