We teamed up with BenRiach Single Malt Whisky Distillery, a supremely unique distillery founded in 1898 and situated in the bountiful heartlands of the Speyside region of Scotland. Undiscovered by many until only recently, BenRiach’s peated, un-peated, and triple distilled expressions have an incredible versatility, individuality, and creativity.

BenRiach’s bold approach to whisky making made them the natural choice when it came time to partner up and trek all over San Francisco to chat and sip with the city’s best mixologists. These mixologists made us a wide array of original cocktails using BenRiach’s Classic 10-Year-Old Unpeated Single Malt and their unusual 10-Year-Old Peated Single Malt, intriguingly nicknamed ‘Curiositas’, then let us have the recipes. Sampling a multitude of creative cocktails on our Scotch-fueled travels, we just didn’t have the heart to keep all these excellent concoctions to ourselves. Read on for insights and delicious spirits galore from San Francisco’s finest barkeeps.

Cold Drinks Bar
Mixologist: Young Zhu

Experience: 9 years

Why bartending? I moved to Bay Area at the end of 2013 and I was amazed by the beautiful cocktail scene right here.

Why Scotch? Scotch for me is a very free spirit. You can find so many different expressions from just one single distillery. It can play many roles in drinks because of its incredible variations.

Why BenRiach? BenRiach has a very pleasant nose comes with apple and a hint of honey.

What’s the cocktail? Sting Like A Bee

What’s the inspiration? The drink I made is a twist on the Scofflaw, which is a classic Prohibition-era cocktail.

Sting Like A Bee
1.5 oz BenRiach Aged 10 Years Curiositas
.75 oz lime juice
.5 oz dry vermouth
.5 oz grenadine
2 dashes salt water
2 dashes Absinthe
Shake and serve. Garnish with lime wheel
Do The Bay (03.19.18)