Debuting at 644 Broadway in Chinatown is China Live, a 30,000-square-foot space from executive chef George Chen that is layered with drinking, dining and retail options — with more to open in spring 2017. Now open, the Oolong Café is a 25-seat tea room with custom-designed teapots and glassware (coffee and Chinese café bites are available). Also open, Market Restaurant and Bar Central is a full-service Chinese restaurant with 120 seats and food prepared at various stations, each highlighting a different specialty: dumplings and dim sum; Chinese meats and barbecue; cold salads and starters; noodles and rice bowls; fresh seafood; soups; wok stir fry and desserts. Menus change daily, with some signature dishes on repeat such as Peking duck, pork dumplings and three-cup Taiwanese chicken. Duggan McDonnell is in charge of beverages, including cocktails, Malaysian-style cold brew coffee and custom kombucha. On the first floor as well is a retail market that features a large array of imported condiments, spices, teas, cookware and gifts. Soon-to-come second-floor offerings include the formal restaurant Eight Tables by George Chen, a romantic bar and a small private events space called Gold Mountain Lounge. The third floor will be reserved exclusively for private events for up to 200 guests. Cafe 7 a.m., Restaurant 11 a.m. daily. China Live, 644 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133, 415.788.8188 –Gayot (3.13.17)