The post-Fourth of July food festivities continue with, July 6th, coined as National Fried Chicken Day! Celebrated for its all-American charm and overall decadence, fried chicken is a summertime all-star. In San Francisco, however, no staple dish ever stays true to form. Local chefs love to play with the classics and reinvent the wheel—and fried chicken is no exception.

To honor the occasion, we went in search of the city’s most delicious, diverse and interesting takes on fried chicken.

China Live: “Chicken of the Sea” Wings

The new Chinatown food emporium loves its chicken in every shape and form, from juicy dumplings to fiery salads. One of the best chicken creations to be found at the Market Restaurant’s sit-down section is the wings, generously coated in shrimp paste and curd and fried to perfection. Get as many napkins as you can and dig in. – SFStation (07.06.17)