Dating in San Francisco is no easy task. Ask anyone who has spent time swiping right and chances are they will launch into a long and tedious tirade about their latest encounter—or lack there of. Textationships are more common than actual dating, so when you finally do score that meet up IRL, you can’t go just anywhere. You have to go someplace that is impressive, but not intimidating, interesting, but not cliche. You can’t go wrong with a location that is relatively new. If you’re both experiencing it for the first time, it will encourage bonding. Not sure what’s new and hot? We break it down for you below.

China Live
Good for: Group date with multiple couples
When to go: Thursday night for dinner
What to order: Xiao long bao, Dungeness crab spring handrolls, Mandarin orange chicken claypot, and Peking duck with kumquat glaze and traditional condiments.
The 411: The menu at this new Chinese-inspired emporium is extensive, so it’s best to go with a group of hungry and adventurous eaters—that way you can taste a lot of different things. Order some cocktails from China Live’s bar or a bottle off of their intriguing wine list—Chilean Pedro Ximenez anyone?! – Haute Living (07.06.17)