Outside of the $20 million George Chen spent on his China Live food emporium on Broadway, or the $13 million the Oakland Zoo shelled out for the Landing Cafe’s gondolas and scenic views, the first half of 2017 has been a relatively low-key affair in terms of restaurant openings. Big-name chefs made splashes in St. Helena, but in San Francisco, most restaurateurs have been cozying up to comfort food and fast-casual business principles.

China Live

When it comes to the year’s newcomers, China Live has probably generated the most debate and conversation. The first phase of ambitious Chinatown project, the street-level restaurant and retail shop, opened on March 1, but there’s still more to come. The complex’s new 50-seat bar, Cold Drinks,recently opened and the upper floors remain under construction, as owner George Chen builds a fine dining restaurant, Eight Tables. 644 Broadway, San Francisco – San Francisco Chronicle (07.05.17)