San Francisco is one of the world’s best food cities due to the Californian produce and the cultures that have made this city home. Here are 13 amazingly delicious things to eat that are so San Francisco!

Number 2: Dungeness Crab

If you love crab then you will love Dungeness Crab, a meaty crab with relatively small pincers but fat, meaty legs and sweet flesh. And eating crab isn’t a cost prohibitive venture in San Francisco.

There are so many ways to try Dungeness crab from crab dip, crab sandwiches, crab cakes, crab St Louis, crab mac and cheese, crab pizza or Cioppino seafood stew topped with fresh crab (more on that delicious dish later!). Or visit the glamorous emporium China Live in Chinatown that serves a freshly cooked 2lb/1kg salt and pepper crab for just $45USD! – Not Quite Nigella (07.20.17)