Answers to where to eat tonight

It’s time to update the Eater 38, the answer to any question that begins, “Can you recommend a restaurant?” This highly elite group covers the entire city, spans myriad cuisines, and collectively satisfies all restaurant needs. Every few months, pertinent restaurants that were omitted, have newly become eligible (restaurants must be open at least six months), or have stepped up their game will be added. Sometimes a still great restaurant makes way for another one, in order to keep things new and fresh.

After all, this is San Francisco — 38 restaurants are only a start to the many worthy places to dine in this city. In fact, many of them can be found here, on the Heatmap, or on the East Bay Essential 38. And keep in mind, this list is presented West to East; there’s no ranking involved.

Added in January 2019: Four new restaurants have joined the ranks. Please welcome Delfina (classic California-italian), Marlowe (American bistro fare in stylish surroundings), RT Rotissere (rotisserie meats and vegetables from Rich Table team), and San Tung (classic Inner Richmond Chinese cuisine). Making the move off the map this go-round are (also very good restaurants) Cala, Aina (closed), Monsieur Benjamin, and Sons and Daughters.

China Live’s Market Restaurant burst onto the Chinatown scene last year with a sleek dining room and a deep selection of dishes. From pan-fried shen jian bao to Peking duck and char siu, it’s all an inviting exploration of the cuisine as part of a larger emporium of retail goods, a smaller cafe, with a fine dining restaurant and Scotch bar upstairs. The Market Restaurant combines craft cocktails, a finely matched wine list, and a casual atmosphere to make it a wise choice for lunch or dinner. – Eater San Francisco (01.08.19)