Chinese New Year Dishes for Luck and Prosperity

In any culture, ringing in a new year is cause for celebration. In Chinese culture, that is especially true. This year, with Chinese New Year’s Eve (Friday, January 24th), a whole host of Bay Area restaurants launched specialty menus in honor of Year of the Rat.
“In Chinese culture, rats are a sign of wealth and surplus,” says China Live founder and executive chef George Chen. “Those born during the Year of the Rat enjoy sophisticated opportunities and are popular in social interaction.”

Now through February 8th, everyone—whether they were born during the Year of the Rat or not—can enjoy sophisticated dishes in celebration of this exciting time.

Nian gao at China Live
Dishes aren’t the only things on display during China Live’s Chinese New Year celebrations. In addition to serving specials like red seafood dumplings and red bean mochi, the Chinatown destination will host lion dancers, baijui tastings, and free dumpling workshops. Stop for the show and stay for the traditional Chinese New Year dish nian gao, a glutinous rice cake cooked with Lap Cheong sausage and garlic chives (you also can’t go wrong with the steamed whole fish). – 7X7 Magazine (01.29.20)