It’s a new year—diners, start your engines, because there’s no shortage of delicious and new things to eat in San Francisco. Here are seven dishes from recently opened places you should definitely add to your hit list. Vroom vroom.

Peking duck skin at Eight Tables by George Chen
Nestled above China Live is George Chen’s high-end and secluded dining experience, offering a tasting menu ($225) at just eight tables. You’ll experience many courses of si fang cai, or “private chateau cuisine,” but one of the more decadent tastes is a bite of crisp yet delicate, paper-thin Peking duck skin, topped with kaluga caviar and presented over a shrimp chip. The combination of fatty, briny, and crispy, along with a sip of 2011 Louis Roederer rosé Champagne, makes for a pairing you’re sure to remember—and crave. – Black Board Eats (01.10.18)