Dear Friends and Guests:

These are certainly difficult times for everyone and especially for ones in the restaurant industry.  Our model at China Live has always been education, inspiration and compassion for our guests and employees.  Here is what we are doing to alleviate some of the stress with our business and our dining public.

1.  China Live has always maintained the highest standards in cleanliness and food safety.  We scored 98’s for China Live and Eight Tables from the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  We have trained and updated daily our entire staff to ensure 100% compliance with the World Health Organization, the CDC and local health authorities.

2.  China Live will also address the Six Feet separation recommendation with the new seating plans at our main restaurant and Eight Tables.  You will be seated at least 6 feet away another unknown party as we have reduced capacity for seating to accommodate this request.  At Eight Tables, all tables are already six feet apart and sheltered in segregated tables and booths.

3.  China Live has increased our Home Delivery menu options through all our main delivery partners.  As well we have added a dedicated White Zone (100 Feet) in front of our restaurant for easy pick-up for Take-away orders.  Our customers can tailor the pick-up time so to increase convenience via online orders or by phone.  Additionally we will offer 20% off all pick-up order online at

4.  As this is a fluid evolving situation with the pandemic, we will gladly accommodate cancellations and event deposits.  All deposits not refunded will be given 20% additional value for future use.

Our hearts go out to those who are infirmed, and to all the individuals impacted by the Coronavirus. We are in unprecedented territory now as this has affected nearly everyone with school closings now and all sporting events cancelled.  In spite of these challenging times, we would still like to welcome you in soon to enjoy our fine cuisine in comfortable safe environs.  Many of our workers do not have financial cushion for the shock of the Coronaviruus and the economic fallout and your support for your favorite restaurant is most appreciated.

We hope for every one’s safety in these difficult and uncertain times.  We hope as resilient Americans, we will overcome this disruptive period with renewed commitment and built for a better tomorrow.  


Chef/Owner George and Cindy Chen