Whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian or craving some authentic Chinese, these upscale San Francisco restaurants have you covered with new tasting menus meant to excite and surprise diners.

Alexander’s Steakhouse is offering a one-of-a-kind A5 Hitachi Waygu beef tasting menu that utilizes all parts of a Hitachi cow that has been delivered straight from Japan specifically for this dining experience.

Up next is Eight Tables which is offering a menu that highlights traditional Chinese cuisine (with a twist), in addition to the country’s depth of culinary expertise, with each course.

Lastly, O’ by Claude Le Tohic is presenting a vegetarian menu that proves that you don’t need meat to have an over-the-top, elegant meal. Not to mention, this vegetable-focused menu is one that also takes in to account the environment impacts of meat consumption.

We chatted with each of the restaurants’ head chefs on what’s unique about their tasting menus and why now is the best time to expand your palette with their thoughtful cuisine.

Eight Tables

Situated in China Live, the Chinese food and retail emporium in Chinatown, Eight Tables presents shifan tsui food, or “private chateau cuisine,” which is a type of luxe residential dining in China. The menu is eight courses and there are only eight tables up for reservation each night. Dishes include four seas caviar dumpling featuring Russian osetra caviar, trout roe, scallop and sea urchin; Sichuan black cod with fermented rice porridge; and barbecue ‘shao kao’ with Peking duck and Iberico char siu.

“At Eight Tables we want to present elegant Chinese cuisine in a different light, bringing the glory of a classic cuisine to the present with modern interpretations from a San Francisco perspective,” said George Chen, creator, founder, and executive chef of Eight Tables. “Crafted in a world-class show kitchen, the menu will push Chinese culinary boundaries and serve as an ongoing wellspring of novel approaches to a grand cuisine.”

“The tasting menu at Eight Table has never been done before, not just here in the U.S., but seldom seen in Greater China, and it’s about time! We’re showing the greatness of a cuisine through China’s rich culinary heritage through a tasting menu that features history and technique.” – Forbes (11.11.19)