A fresh new guide to the neighborhood, just in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations

Chinatown doesn’t run short on superlatives. The buzzing neighborhood is the biggest and oldest Chinatown in the nation, and its vibrant, lantern-strung streets grow even more spirited during Chinese New Year. This February, celebrate the Year of the Dog by exploring Chinatown’s atmospheric alleyways, dazzling facades and countless eateries, from casual dim sum joints to trendy Michelin-starred dining rooms….

…Chinatown’s market-filled sidewalks brim with bins of exotic fruits such as spiky rambutans and citrusy buddha’s hands. Have a new favorite blended into a fresh juice or smoothie at Juicy Fruit. At the modern Steap Tea Bar, premium globe-hopping teas inform an extensive menu of fun, inventive boba drinks. Come happy hour, seek out Cold Drinks, a plush clandestine cocktail lounge that marries rare scotches with Asian flavors….

At China Live, a culinary temple to Chinese cuisine, you can shop exquisite pantry staples and cookbooks at an upscale boutique, slurp tingly dan dan noodles at Market Restaurant and vie for a coveted seat at the ultra high-end Eight Tables.- Where (02.06.18)