San Francisco is famed for its foodie offerings but with thousands of restaurants across the city, choosing where to book a table can be daunting. Here are 12 places to try in 2018 (one for each month), some already pleasing crowds and a few to look out for.

Eight Tables by George Chen
Perched like an Empress of Heavenly Food above China Live, the Eately-style marketplace that opened in Chinatown in 2017, George Chen’s serene and elegant new dining oasis has laid out a gold-threaded welcome mat, from the back alley private entrance to the elevator that opens on an elegant and intimate room reminiscent of a private club. The highbrow experience is based on si fang cai, or private chateau cuisine of the Chinese elite. For diners, that translates to an expensive but outstanding 10-course tasting menu, a stunning work of art that dazzles deep pocket visitors and locals alike.- The Travel Magazine (02.06.17)