A vetted dining and drinking guide to the neighborhood
Chinatown is easily San Francisco’s most iconic neighborhood. So why is it that no one knows quite where to go? Yes, the language barrier can make exploring intimidating, but there’s a misconception that there’s no good food to be found. And that’s just not true — in reality, Chinatown is filled with everything from inexpensive dim sum and sweet treats to new-guard tasting menus and cocktails.

The following 18 places are the best places to dine and drink in Chinatown, with expert tips on what to expect, what to order, and how to succeed at dining there. Start tackling the neighborhood with these 18 spots, and you’ll be a Chinatown expert in no time.

1. China Live
A relative newcomer to a neighborhood with many institutions, China Live brings a lot to the table. Downstairs is a grab-and-go cafe, retail market with Chinese cooking tools, teas, and pantry staples, and a bustling restaurant with killer dumplings. Upstairs is Cold Drinks, a Scotch bar, and 8 Tables, chef/owner George Chen’s luxurious Chinese tasting menu-only restaurant. – Eater San Francisco (02.05.19)