7 ways to use chili crisp, according to professional chefs

What is chili crisp?
Chili crisp is a spicy oil-based condiment most commonly used in Chinese cuisine, made by infusing oil with dried red chiles, fried garlic, shallots, ginger, and other aromatics. The result is a fiery, tangy condiment filled with texture.

Embellish noodles
At China Live in San Francisco, chef George Chen makes his own chili crisp with freshly fried shallots and yellow soybeans that toasted in a hot wok until fragrant. His chili crisp is popular on a variety of dumplings, rice, and noodles dishes at China Live, but it’s especially good in the Hong Kong wok-fried noodles. “It’s a drier dish that begs for some heat and the crunchy texture goes really well with pan-fried crispy-ish egg noodles.” – Business Insider (02.04.21)