From the powerful pork flavor burst of xiao long bao to greaseless, plump potstickers, we’re very fortunate in San Francisco to have an abundance of incredible dumplings across the city, many of which are served at our must-try Chinese restaurants. Beyond the traditional dim sum varieties, our dumplings come in too many styles and cuisines to count — Russian pelmeni, Nepalese momos, Japanese gyoza for starters — and can range from creative $1 happy-hour ones at E&O by Union Square to extravagant ones like Benu’s lobster coral xiao long bao and Eight Tables’ fist-sized “four seas” dumpling with caviar, uni and trout roe. Grab some friends, fill the table with a few baskets and enjoy!

Vegetarian Dongbei Long Potstickers at China Live
On the overwhelmingly extensive menu at China Live’s ground-floor “market restaurant,” one of the most unassuming offerings are actually as must of a mandatory must-order as the signature Peking duck. The rarely seen Dongbei potstickers come from the country’s northeast region and are stuffed to capacity with a fresh, ultra-fragrant filling of Chinese scallions, tofu, mushrooms, carrots and chives. They’re pan-fried and shaped like giant French toast sticks that you might find at a fast-food breakfast.- Zagat (02.12.18)