Less than 100 hours before its opening party, China Live was almost as busy as a football stadium 10 minutes before kickoff.

Inside George Chen and Cindy Wong-Chen’s 30,000-square-foot Chinatown restaurant and market complex, armies of workers painted walls, sliced lengths of wood and picked their way among the nests of wires. Servers-in-training swarmed from kitchen station to kitchen station as managers described the dishes each would produce. Cooks seasoned their pans and hoisted jars of imported Sichuan peppercorns up to the shelves above the wok line.

The country, let alone San Francisco Chinatown, has never seen a Chinese food emporium of China Live’s scope and lavishness. It may well draw national attention to the neighborhood, even as some worry that it is too pricey for nearby residents. To call China Live ambitious is to underestimate its founder’s dreams. “I don’t want to be grandiose about it,” George Chen said, “but I want to educate the public on what real Chinese cuisine is.” – San Francisco Chronicle (02.22.17)