San Francisco’s dining scene spans from stylish and spendy—with pricey menus built for tech expense accounts—to fine-casual in the way the City by the Bay does so well, using quality and seasonal ingredients. See which of this year’s new restaurants deserve top billing on your must-try list.

The most high-profile opening of the year, this ambitious “Eataly of Chinese Food” from George Chen features a market restaurant with an extensive and seasonal menu inspired by many regions of China—from the silky, Sichuan “working hands” boiled wontons to Cantonese crackling skin chicken. There’s also a downstairs bar, swank upstairs bar (Cold Drinks), tea café, and culinary retail market. The vivacious restaurant is best with a group, but even solo diners can enjoy a bowl of Taipei beef noodle soup perched at the counter.

Tucked upstairs from China Live is Chen’s high-end dining concept, with just eight tables. The intimate experience is based on si fang cai, or “private chateau cuisine,” offering an elegant, and yes, expensive, tasting menu ($225) served in a secluded and residential setting. It’s a transporting experience—the minimalist design by AvroKO is so thoughtful and calming—while the first course of nine essential Chinese flavors will awaken your senses. – Via (12.22.17)