Serving Scotch-centric Cold Drinks, and featuring food from the Eight Tables by George Chen kitchen.
The Six Best Cocktail Bars in San Francisco – NEWSWEEK
“It’s a pseudo-secret, just above the bustling scene at China Live, accessible via stairwell; black bats painted on the walls lead the way to the door. Inside is a swanky, Scotch-filled bar where the bartenders wear tuxedos, and the vibe is modern Shanghai with a dash of old school San Francisco. Drinks are heavy on the Scotch, and there are many to choose from, so don’t be shy.” – High-End Scotch Concoctions Headline the New Menu at Chinatown’s Cold Drinks Bar – EaterSF
The Muddler Pocast

“Tucked on the second floor of the China Live complex (behind a discreet door marked with bats), this scotch-centric bar offers a glitzy old Shanghai jazz-era vibe — a stark contrast with the loud, industrial (i.e. unsexy) vibe of the main ground-floor restaurant. Cold Drinks is hands down SF’s finest choice when it’s time to dress up in your sharpest Don or Betty Draper wardrobe. AvroKo’s swanky design, inventive drinks and white-tuxedo-clad bartenders all make the bar feel simultaneously sexy and timeless.” – San Francisco’s Most Important Bar Openings of 2017 – Zagat