Time’s ‘Greatest Places 2018’ list includes 100 destinations to visit, eat, and stay around the world.

Among the 21 restaurants profiled is San Francisco’s Eight Tables inside of China Live at 8 Kenneth Rexroth Place.

Created by lauded chef George Chen, Eight Tables is a unique dining experience meant to spotlight fine Chinese food. The restaurant practices the historic tradition Si Fang Cai or ‘Private Chateau Cuisine,’ that has become popular among the elite in China.

Time notes:

“George Chen has opened more than a dozen restaurants, including the James Beard Award-nominated Betelnut, but Eight Tables has been lauded as his most ambitious one to date. It stars a 10-course, high-end showcase of sifang cai, or private chateau cuisine, an experience popular during the Qing dynasty when Chinese elite had private chefs and would invite friends to their homes for grand and elegant meals.”

The tasting menu at Eight Tables will run you $225 with an optional wine pairing at $125 or you can splurge for the Chef’s Table in the kitchen at $325 with a $225 beverage pairing.

To see their menu or make a reservation head to chinalivesf.com.

Head over to Time.com for their full list of ‘Greatest Places 2018.’ – Alice@97.3 (08.31.18)