I am always up for an adventure in the city — to do something new, or try a new restaurant, or visit a new place — why on earth would you live in a city so vibrant if you don’t plan to take advantage of it?! So, Jason and I decided to celebrate one month until our wedding at a China Live Cocktail Experience through an IfOnly experience, and we thought it was the perfect fit for us! Not only was it a beautiful place for a special occasion, but the two of us LOVE to eat and try new foods and restaurants and this gave us the opportunity to and let me tell you, it was amazing!

China Live has been on our list of places to go for so long and we were so excited to experience it through IfOnly. And if you haven’t explored IfOnly, you need to get on it STAT! It is this fabulous curated website that gives you adventures, excursions, meals, lessons that you can explore by city. It has everything from cooking to music classes, to restaurant visits, to museum tours, city excursions, yoga classes, and more! And the best part is every one that I have done, has a special feel to it. It never feels like a random event but more like an occasion with a little extra flair, love, and fun!

So when we arrived to China Live, we explored the downstairs restaurant and shop area — which is amazing by the way — but headed up to the bar for our experience which was chic, welcoming, and full of modern Asian infusions in decor and design. (And let me tell you after reading Crazy Rich Asians recently… I definitely felt like Rachel having an “oh my gosh, this is amazing” moment!)

We were sat down and greeted by a VERY FRIENDLY team of waiters, baristas, bartenders, and hosts. They were so gracious and helpful and gave us top service! The bar was filled with gorgeous bowls of garnishes just adding to the color of the place — and we were given menus to choose cocktails from. I opted throughout the night for the Black and Red and the Sweet Irishman. (Both were amazing.. the Black and Red was a bit more smokey and the Sweet Irishman had this refreshing feel) and Jason stuck to Al’s Cut which was also phenomenal. The drinks were light, tasty, and artfully made making them extra enjoyable. We also were treated to a whiskey tasting which is something I have never done before. One of the types given to us was what I know whiskey to taste like and the other, was totally unique and I found that I really liked it!

While we enjoyed being treated to this amazing cocktail tasting, we were served some phenomenal dishes. First was a light cucumber salad to cleanse the palate (and was so yummy – I’m a big cucumber fan) and then a slew of what can only be described as Chinese food at its very best. We were served delicious, juicy, and soft dumplings, then huge potstickers that were filled with shiitake mushrooms and the most fresh breading ever. Next we had egg roll sticks filled with crab (Jason’s favorite), and sweet pork buns (which had a teeny bit of sugar on top of the bun and that paired with the pork flavors was unbelievable). We also enjoyed this delicious duck pita sandwich that was out of this world. We dipped everything in a sauce made of vinegars, oil, and their sweet chili sauce — which came highly recommended and boy, was it delicious!

Needless to say, we left a little chubbier and VERY happy! I would not only recommend China Live but also IfOnly! Both give superior experiences and should definitely be on your San Francisco bucket list!- Jenna Rose Colored Glasses (08.28.18)