Everywhere you’ll want to eat this season
Fall is always a busy time for restaurant openings, and this year is no exception. Generously defined by Eater here as everything from today to the end of the year, the fall’s most exciting openings will lead the dining conversation for the rest of the season — and into next year.

The Tasting Menu That’s a First for America:
Eight Tables
Location: San Francisco
Key players: George Chen, Cindy Wong-Chen
Target open: Mid-September 2017

Inside China Live, a buzzy, multipurpose culinary funplex in San Francisco’s Chinatown, prolific chef-restaurateur George Chen and partner Cindy Wong-Chen are almost ready to welcome guests to their anticipated Eight Tables: a 38-seat tasting-menu restaurant dedicated to the Chinese tradition of shi fan tsai (私房菜), or “private chateau cuisine.”

“My vision is a world-class restaurant showcasing the finest Chinese cuisine using hyperseasonal, premium ingredients creatively presented in a style that is all our own,” Chen says, noting this private chateau cuisine “has pervaded Chinese culinary history and recently revitalized in the great cities of China.”

With an alum of Meadowood and Saison running front of house and powerhouse design firm AvroKO doing the interior design, Chen has made it clear that he wants San Francisco — and the country — to pay attention. Besides, he isn’t shy about sharing his big ambitions for the restaurant: “We want Eight Tables to show that Chinese fine dining can be on par with the very best restaurants offering Western cuisines.” – Eater (08.23.17)