One of the main reasons people elect to move from the eternal summer of San Diego to eternal (California) winter of San Francisco, is the dining scene. I’m mostly talking about myself but maybe there are others out there like me? Let me know. Anyways, San Diego, or even LA for that matter, can’t compare to the revolving door of restaurants found in San Francisco. From Michelin-starred feasts to local pizza joints, I’ve been on a mission to try it all and share the best of the best that I’ve found so far.

There’s a fair share of fancy spots and even more casual ones, and plenty of happy hours because haven’t you heard? SF is the most expensive US city to live in. From date night hangs to parent-approved dinners to outdoor bars to bring friends to, there’s a little something for every dining need – all tried and reviewed by yours truly.

China Live is a lively, modern Chinese restaurant with several dining options, depending on how fancy you’re feeling: the first floor is part kitchen and part market with elevated dining rooms and a speakeasy on the floors above. We went with our server’s suggestions of a smattering of dumplings, the clay pot rice and peking duck buns, to name a few. Pro tip: Always get the peking duck buns. – The Venue Report (08.19.19)