Kung Pao "Firecracker" Chicken

1/2 Pound of Chicken Thigh Meat
1/2 Cup of Green Bell Peppers
1/2 Cup of Red Bell Peppers
1/2 Cup of Dried Chilies (we prefer Fresno as is sweeter but any kind will do)
!/2 Cup of Scallion Heads (2″ sections of the white part of the Scallion)
1/4 Cup of Roasted Scallions
Spices and Sauce
!/4 cup of Soy, Ginger and Garlic, Rice Vinegar Mix
1 Tablespoon of Peppercorn Infused Chili Oil (Similar chili oil from Asian grocer
1 Tablespoon of Rice Wine (sherry is fine substitute)

Head a wok or heavy sauce pan with coating of oil until hot, then add quarter cup of cooking oil (Safflower is fine) and heat to just smoking. Add the chicken meat into the oil mix and turn down the heat and let it oil poach slowly until about 80% done (Chicken becomes white on the outside), drain off oil and set aside.
Add some water into the same pan and heat to boil, add the bell peppers (shaved so white skeleton inside is cleaned and cut into 1″ squares) into the pan and turn off head and drain and reserve. No need to wash pan after poaching the chicken.
Clean and dry pan and add tablespoon of the oil back into the pan and heat to just smoking, add the scallions and dried chilis into the pan let them blister a but as you will smell the chilis and scallions. Then add the chicken, bell peppers, the soy sauce mix and toss the ingredients under high fire.
When almost done, add the peppercorn oil first then the rice wine to finish.
Remove from pan and serve immediately with rice.